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Losing Money

Some ministry marketing functions make money directly; others don’t. That’s okay. 

We encourage ministries to go beyond this “some-functions-won’t-make-money” view  all the way to a “some-functions-should-actually-lose-money” view. 

Because donors are valuable members of the ministry family, and their role is overwhelmingly one of giving rather than receiving, we suggest that ministries sometimes simply give donors something of value — no strings attached. 

  • Send a good book that will help the donor deepen her walk with Christ. 
  • Send a CD or a free download with superb music. 
  • Send something that meant a lot to you, something you’d like to mean a lot to her. 

Ministries taking this radical step find that the enthusiasm of their donors for the ministry dramatically deepens. 

Here the donor suddenly comes to realize that she is not simply a pawn on the chess board of your ministry’s work; she is actually appreciated as a living, breathing partner, a human being who plays an important part in the ministry. 

Does she react negatively because you’ve spent a little money to send her something thoughtful? Generally not, if your gift is modest and tasteful. Donors work hard; you need to take the risk of expressing your gratitude tangibly. 

Sure, it will cost you something in the short run. Trust God to provide the financial need over the long haul.