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“Thank you” 5 more ways

You can say “Thanks” in lots of languages 


 Here are five more ways to thank your donors…. 

7. Send a note something like this to every donor once a year at the appropriate time: 

Hi, Larry and Joyce, 

Just a note to say thanks. 

It’s been three years since you first joined with me in this work, and I am really grateful. 

You’ve truly made a difference during this time — and I can’t wait to see what God will do through you in the years to come as we continue working together! 

Drop a line if you get a minute. 

Yours in Christ, 


8. Show your donor how her investments are paying off by including an insert in the receipt envelope which shares the true story of someone whose life has been impacted by the ministry. 

We call this “increasing the gratitude power” of the receipt mailing. 

9. Give a gift to your donor, without prior notice, without fanfare, with no strings attached. 

Not necessarily a big expensive gift. Maybe just a booklet, a CD, anything that comes with a brief note of thanks. 

The fact that you sent it at all is more important to the donor than how much you spent on it. 

10. Help your biggest donors understand that they are leaders in your ministry by sending them an advance copy of any product you’re going to be offering to the whole ministry family. 

“I’m going to be sharing this with our entire ministry family next month,” you can say in a cover note. “But because of the major investment you’ve made in this ministry, I wanted you to have it in advance, as an expression of my gratitude.” 

11. Build gratitude into every communication with your donors. 

Don’t eliminate or undercut the urgency of an appeal for help. But acknowledge to your donors that they have certainly helped bring you as far as you’ve gotten. 

Gratitude produces results. Contact BBS & Associates today, and we’ll talk about how you can thank your donors uniquely and effectively.