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Master of Your Message?

What’s your ministry about? 

 The problem of many ministries today: They don’t really know who they are.  

This may seem like an extreme statement — we reflexively respond with “That certainly doesn’t apply to my ministry!” — until a visitor wanders through the halls of our ministry facility and asks each employee this simple question: 

What is this ministry all about?  

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Try it sometime. Find a neighbor or acquaintance who’s never visited your ministry’s website. Some man or woman whom the ministry’s employees don’t already know. Send this stranger on a mission.  

In the best and most effective ministry organizations, most employees are able to articulate the mission of the ministry to a stranger. 

If instead your designated stranger gets halting, confused, maybe even erroneous “mission statements,” you’re not alone. But you do have work to do — because those employees are the people shaping the work of your ministry from the lowest level of your organizational chart on up. 

And that same bewilderment strongly influences the message you communicate to your donors. 

What is your ministry all about? Can you articulate “The Message” in a single sentence? In three sentences? In three minutes? 

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