What if, when we tell the story of our life in old age, and people asked what it was that made us who we are, we answered, ‘Living through 2020’? 

“For a long time, my working theory has been that control is the issue underneath so many of the issues that block and hamper and derail our spiritual formation into people of love and joy and peace. 

“For sure, it’s the growth edge for my personality type and personal spiritual journey, but with each passing year in my work as a pastor, I am further convinced that it’s the issue for most followers of Jesus. 

“In the Christian tradition, there are three theological virtues — faith, hope, and love. ‘Theological’ means having to do with God, and ‘virtues’ mean they are not just feelings, but rather something we nurture, feed, grow, and exercise as a part of our apprenticeship to Jesus. We become the kinds of people who live with faith — a deep confidence in Jesus and his mental maps to reality. With hope — an expectation of coming good based on the person and promises of Jesus. And love — a compassionate commitment to delight in the soul of another and to will their good ahead of your own. 

“Control is incompatible with all three.” 


John Mark Comer in
“We Don’t Know What’s Going to Happen and That’s Okay” 



 My prayer this week: Lord, thank you for being in control … and help me surrender to you what I try to control that I shouldn’t. When I struggle with “letting go and letting God,” remind me of your faithfulness and the promises of your Word. Help me rest in the freedom Christ has given me — keep me growing in faith, hope, and love!