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Donor Relationship Counseling

We offer valuable insight and proven strategies that will take your relationships with donors and prospects to the next level.

General Donors:

Your ministry’s story is important — and we’ll help you find the most effective ways to inspire donors to catch the vision and want to be part of it.

Monthly Partnerships:

We can partner with you to raise up a core group of faithful supporters you can count on to give generously every month.

Mid-Level Donors:

Which donors have the potential to make a more significant commitment to your ministry and become major donors? We’ll help you identify them and deepen your relationship with them.

Estate Planning:

Together, we’ll motivate your donors to create an estate plan that will provide for their family and maximize their eternal impact and legacy through your ministry.

Capital Campaign Development:

As God leads you to expand your ministry, we’ll provide you the research, insights, and strategies you need to raise the extra funding necessary to make it happen.

Foundation Research and Proposals:

With our exceptional research, planning, and proposal preparation skills, we’ll help you pursue — and obtain — grants from foundations to boost funding for your God-given mission.

Impact Reporting:

Your donors make a tremendous impact when they give. We’ll help you send this message loud and clear, providing the joy of knowing each dollar makes a difference and the confidence to keep giving.

Major Donors:

We’ll guide you in pinpointing where your mission and the passions of your most generous givers intersect — and how to speak their language in every communication and conversation.