New report: Clues to your fundraising future

 By E. Dale Berkey, Ph.D. 

President, BBS & Associates 

 It’s a stressful time for ministries. Fundraising has been challenging for many non-profits in the pandemic economy. 

 To find out where ministry donors might be headed in the months to come, we conducted a major nationwide survey of donors — to figure out what they’re thinking  and where they’re headed. 

 The resulting Donor Confidence Report — an update to the survey we conducted earlier this year — is available free of charge. It’s loaded with valuable findings — some of them surprising. 

 The report offers a number of crucial insights. For example: 

  •  As 2020 comes to a close, donor confidence in the United States remains strikingly similar to donor confidence reported by this study in July 2020: 81of donors overall say they continue to give during the pandemic. 
  • The majority of donors (52%say yes, they do expect their giving to return to pre-pandemic levels, though they expect it to take longer to happen. 
  • In regard to a 2021 economic outlook, 29of donors feel the economy will decline, 28feel it will improve, and another 28think it will stay the same  nearly identical thirds. 
  • Half of all donors (50%) said they plan to give the same amount in 2021 as they did this year. 

 There’s plenty more information like this in the full Donor Confidence Report. It offers answers to these key questions: 

  1.  Which types of donors are likeliest to continue giving in 2021? 
  2. Who’s still giving? Who has quit? 
  3. How are donors thinking about the long term? 
  4. How has donors’ thinking shifted since the pandemic started? 
  5. How does a donor’s age, income, political affiliation and/or faith impact her commitment to continued giving? 
  6. Will giving return to pre-pandemic levels? 
  7. Which types of donors expect to cut back on their giving? 
  8. Were donors impacted by the recent presidential election results? 
  9. Who still has giving left to do in 2020? 
  10. And more! 

We’ll be happy to share the full Donor Confidence Report with you.  

 Simply click here to receive it today. We look forward to hearing from you! 

 For additional donor-focused insights like these, please reach out to Jared Matthews via or 330.576.1162.