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New report reveals our fundraising future

New report reveals our fundraising future 

 By E. Dale Berkey, Ph.D. 

President, BBS & Associates 

 It’s a stressful time for ministries. Fundraising has been difficult for many non-profits in the pandemic economy. 

 We weren’t satisfied to keep wondering where ministry donors might be headed in the months to come. So, we conducted a major nationwide survey of donors — to figure out what they’re thinking  and where they’re headed. 

 The resulting Donor Confidence Report, available free of charge, is loaded with valuable findings — some of them surprising. 

 The report offers a number of key insights. For example: 

  •  41% of donors are worried that the economy will decline in the coming year — but this is a 10% decrease from April. Still, it’s the most commonly held view among donors polled — and remains much higher than years past. In August 2018, only 26of donors expected economic decline in the coming year.  
  • On the other hand, donors expect a faster recovery for the economy than they did in 2018  70anticipate economic improvement within two yearscompared to just 40in August 2018. What’s more, 25% of donors expect economic improvement within the next six months, versus 18% back in 2018.
  • Just 28of donors said they will keep giving regardless of the pandemic — but this intent was especially strong among donors who attend religious services at least weekly  41% — and this figure is actually UP from 40% back in April. This is more than double the 19% who are committed to ongoing giving but never attend church. 

 There’s plenty more information like this in the full Donor Confidence ReportThe study reveals: 

  1.  Which types of ministries and charities are likely to receive the greatest share of donations in the months ahead 
  2. How donors are feeling about the value of charities in the midst of the pandemic 
  3. How donors are thinking about the long term 
  4. Who’s still giving, and why (as well as who has quit, and why) 
  5. Which types of donors expect to cut back on their giving 
  6. How a donor’s age and income impact her commitment to continued giving 
  7. What clues donors are giving us about how their total 2020 giving will compare to their total 2019 giving 
  8. And more! 

 We’ll be happy to share the full Donor Confidence Report with you.  

 Simply click here to get it today. We look forward to hearing from you! 

 For additional donor-focused insights like these, please reach out to Jared Matthews via or 330.576.1162.