Where are you on the grid?

How do you see yourself? How do you see your donors? 

Your sense of responsibility and your sense of identity will influence your communications with your donors. 

It is actually possible to map out the various responsibility-and-identity combinations on a grid, and pull together some of the most pronounced tendencies of the four “types” in their creation and execution of strategies for communicating with their donors.  

Boiled down to their simplest, most straightforward essentials, they look something like this: 


There’s no question that these are generalizations. You can probably think of a number of individuals who seem to fit into one category or another, but who do not manifest their tendencies as indicated here. But these general descriptions more or less characterize people working in ministry development.  

The important question is: Where on the grid do you live? 

  • Do you feel a vague sense of embarrassment when it comes to asking your donors for money? That’s a symptom of neurosis — sorry! 
  • Do you feel a certain level of anger welling up inside you when an appeal doesn’t generate the donations you expected? That’s your character disorder acting up again — oops! 

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Next up: We’ll look briefly at each of the four “inclinations” represented on the grid and discover tendencies that will probably emerge in the ministry marketing effort of the corresponding individual.