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What’s the Meta Pixel? And Why It’s a MUST …

By Vince Mancari 

Digital Strategist, BBS & Associates 

If you want to see solid results from your ads on Meta, the Meta Pixel was made for you. 

 So let’s dive into what it is, how to implement it, and the difference doing so will make. 

 Let’s start with the basics here: What is the Meta Pixel? 

 In the simplest of terms, the Meta Pixel is: 

The same thing as the Facebook Pixel (Facebook recently changed its name to Meta. We’re still adjusting, too). A snippet of code you place on your website to collect incredibly useful data from users and donors, enabling you to track conversions and optimize your Meta/Facebook ads like nothing else will. Which makes it crucially important for your website, not to be overlooked or forgotten! 

 Now, let’s get a bit deeper. Here’s what the Meta Pixel enables you to do: 

1. Dynamic Tracking Ability 

 It’s amazing what a tiny piece of code can do … this piece of code isn’t just a few numbers strung together; it’s tied to the GIANT of data collection that is Meta/Facebook.  

It’s a snippet of code with mammoth returns. With a Meta Pixel installed on each page of your website, you can track the actions and page interactions of your visitors. This data can be used, in turn, to …

2. Customize Your Pages to a Targeted Audience   

 Website retargeting — or remarketing — is the process of running ads that target people who have previously visited your website. Once you know who is visiting, and, more importantly, responding to your Meta/Facebook Ads, you can customize like crazy to re-engage these folks … and to find more people just like them! 

 Over time and with engagement, you can significantly track what is working, when it works, and who it works for! This leads to … 

3. Optimal Ad Performance 

 When the pixel is on your website, Meta knows when someone visits. They know what page they visited and when. As a result, you can go back in (remarket) and create some pretty amazing audiences. Examples: 

  • All your website visitors during the past 1-180 days 
  • People who visited a particular page or group of pages 
  • People who visited a particular page but not others 
  • People who were within the top 5%, 10%, or 25% of most time spent on your site 
  • People who executed certain events (i.e. actions on your website) 

 And more! 

 As each new campaign is created, you tell Meta your intended target (based on what you’ve learned above), and Meta’s “smart” systems then show your ads to the right people at the right time. 

 Remember, Meta/Facebook is the GIANT of data collection. People spend an insane amount of time there clicking, engaging, and converting. What Meta learns from all this engagement will help you make the most of your targeted ads and campaigns. And the only way to fully leverage this great asset is with the Meta Pixel.  

 Now you know: the Meta Pixel is an invaluable tool for tracking specific results that will enable you to tailor your campaigns to achieve the best outcomes! Next up, how to install the Meta Pixel on your website. 

 The BBS team can help you move forward and harness the Meta Pixel’s power for your website. For additional information and guidance, please contact Vince Mancari via or 330-665-5227.