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What a Savior

“God is not only our Creator and Judge, He is our Savior. He has provided the Ark as our escape from His judgment. The provision of our means of escape required the most extravagant sacrifice that has ever been or will ever be. Because the Ark is Himself.

God left His throne at the center of the universe. He set aside His glory, and He humbled Himself as He took on human flesh. He confined Himself to a woman’s womb for nine months. He submitted to the human birth process. He lived inside the small body of a toddler. He grew into an adolescent. And He became a Man.

He came to His own — those whom He had created for Himself — but they didn’t receive Him. They contradicted His Word. They challenged His authority. They denied His claims. They questioned His motives. They mocked His power. They rejected His Person.

And God in Christ submitted Himself to their slapping, spitting, mocking, taunting, flogging, and stripping then allowed them to nail Him to a cross where He gave His own life as a sacrifice for their sin. And mine. And yours. His own death satisfied His own judgment for sin, and we are saved. Hallelujah! What a Savior!”

—Anne Graham Lotz in
“God’s Story”

My prayer this week: Unfathomable. Undeserved. Unearned. And yet, given. Thank you, God, for taking on human flesh, for enduring human weakness, for suffering rejection and going to the cross for the sake of my salvation. May I never lose sight of the gravity of your sacrifice nor the extravagance of your love. You gave your life — and I gained eternity. Hallelujah … what a Savior!