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Unity is Mission Critical

Unity is not a ‘nice to have.’ Unity is mission critical. 

We cannot accomplish the will of God without unity because unity is the will of God. God’s will for you is that you become one in purpose with me. God’s will for me is that I would endeavor not to allow anything to divide me from you. The more unalike we are, the better. The more reason we have to dislike one another, the brighter. The legitimate and not-so-legitimate reasons you have to dislike me are opportunities. The legitimate and not-so-legitimate reasons I have to avoid and criticize you are opportunities as well. 

We shouldn’t miss ’em. 

We should capitalize on ’em. 

  Andy Stanley in
“Not In It to Win It” 


My prayer this week: Lord, I pray for unity among believers. I pray for unity in my own family and sphere of influence. This is what you have called us to … it is what you require! Together, in unity, we can reach a world in need with greater effectiveness than ever before. Help that unity start with me.