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The Final Proof

The Christian life, from one angle, is the long journey of letting our natural assumption about who God is, over many decades, fall away, being slowly replaced with God’s own insistence on who he is. This is hard work. It takes a lot of sermons and a lot of suffering to believe that God’s deepest heart is ‘merciful and gracious, slow to anger.’ The fall also entrenched in our minds dark thoughts of God, thoughts that are only dug out over multiple exposures to the gospel of many years. … 

But of course, the final proof of who God is cannot be found in Exodus but in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. In Exodus 33-34 Moses cannot see God’s face and live, because it would incinerate him. But what if one day humans did see the face of God in a way that did not incinerate them? When John speaks of the Word becoming flesh he says, ‘We have seen his glory’—we have seen what Moses asked to see but couldn’t—‘full of grace and truth.’   

Dane Ortlund in
“Gentle and Lowly” 


My prayer this week: Lord, help me know you! Strip away my human assumptions, my personal perceptions based on earthly experience. Help me recognize how marvelous you are. How above and beyond my expectations you are willing to go. How wide and high and deep and long your never-ending love is to me! Thank you for giving me your Word, that I might glimpse your glory and greatness on every page.