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The Curse Reversed

In Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit descends on the church on the day of Pentecost, another miracle occurs. While at Babel people who spoke the same language couldn’t understand each other, at Pentecost, everyone who spoke different languages could nonetheless all understand the preaching of the gospel by the apostles. It was reversing the curse of Babel. It was a declaration that the grace of Jesus can heal the wounds of racism. At Pentecost the first gospel preaching was in every language, showing that no one culture is the ‘right’ culture, and that in the Spirit we can have a unity that transcends all national, linguistic, and cultural barriers.  

Timothy Keller in
“Generous Justice” 


My prayer this week: Lord, thank you for your miracles! Thank you that you, alone, can heal wounds and division and sin — and bridge every cultural divide. As children of God, created in your image, we are imbued with purpose and character and worth. Help us follow your example and love others the way you do.