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The Chief of Sinners

“[Sin] is what we have found in every human soul on this earth—except one. Which is why our lives are meant to point to him—that sinless one. Christ’s perfect obedience, not ours, is the foundation of our acceptance with God. If then, our sin, as well as our righteousness, can point people away from ourselves to Christ, we will rejoice even as we repent.

‘I know no other reason, [George] Whitefield said, ‘why Jesus has put me into the ministry, than because I am the chief of sinners, and therefore fittest to preach free grace to a world lying in the wicked one.’”

—John Piper in
“Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully”

My prayer this week: Lord, forgive me of the many ways I fall short of your glory! Help me live humbly, aware always of the fact that you love me and use me to further your Kingdom despite my sin. It is Christ’s perfect obedience that makes the Throne of Grace available to me. Thank you for such a gift!