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The Beauty of Dawn

“The golden cradle of the moon
is rising in the east,
and all the things that croak and hoot
and howl at night are silent now.

Moment before dawn
quietest of all quiet moments,
good medicine for the soul,
make plans to be there.

Set the clock of your heart,
breathe in the rays of dawn,
raise high the chalice of your life,
taste the joy of being awake.

O medicine of dawn!
O healing morning drink!
O new light from the skies!
O reason for my praise!”

—Macrina Wiederkehr in
“Seven Sacred Pauses”

My prayer this week: Thank you for the gift of today, dear God. Fill me with joy as I begin another week with you — quiet, refreshed, and willing to take notice of the blessings and beauty of creation before me.