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That Sweet Paradox

“It has been the unanimous testimony of the greatest Christian souls that the nearer they drew to God the more acute became their consciousness of sin and their sense of personal unworthiness. The purest souls never knew how pure they were and the greatest saints never guessed that they were great. The very thought that they were good or great would have been rejected by them as a temptation of the devil.

They were so engrossed with gazing upon the face of God that they spent scarce a moment looking at themselves. They were suspended in that sweet paradox of spiritual awareness where they knew that they were clean through the blood of the Lamb and yet felt that they deserved only death and hell as their just reward.”

—A.W. Tozer in
“Keys to the Deeper Life”

My prayer this week: Heavenly Father, please help me learn from the example of other men and women of faith what it means to truly follow you. May I never lose sight of the preciousness of my salvation and the awareness that it is wholly undeserved. I am nothing without your grace and love. Thank you for saving me and raising me to new life … thank you for new mercies every morning!