Separate from Creation

“God Himself is not in a sunset or in an act of human compassion any more than an artist is in his painting or a musician is in his music. You and I may see reflections of the artist’s or musician’s personality in his work, but the person himself is separate from it. Likewise, you may see the reflection of God’s personality in a sunset or in an act of compassion, but He Himself is not in either one. He is separate from His Creation …

This means:

When something is wrong, He can right it.
When something is broken, He can mend it.
When something is lost, He can find it.
When something doesn’t work, He can fix it.
When something is hurt, He can heal it.
When someone is dead, He can raise him!”

—Anne Graham Lotz in
“God’s Story”

My prayer this week: Not by my strength but yours, dear Lord! Help me never lose sight of your incredible power in my life. May you be glorified through every chapter and verse of my personal story, and help me reflect you clearly on every page.