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Seeing Jesus Clearly

As we see Jesus more clearly, the gospel gets bigger and bigger in our hearts. His death becomes more wonderful. His resurrection becomes more astonishing. Sin becomes more disgusting and the devil seems more evil. The restoring work of the Spirit gets mightier. The global extent of the gospel becomes more important. The connections between everything within the Bible become clearer. Our yearning for eternity becomes greater. And the love of God becomes more delightful. 

  Dr. David Jeremiah in
“Where Do We Go From Here?” 


 My prayer this week: Lord, I want to see you clearly and love you more! Help me to delight in your Word so much that I look forward to sitting with and studying your Word. Help me prioritize you above all else so that I might find joy in sharing you with others — and that I’ll yearn more and more for heaven over the things of this world.