Prayer: Humility and Hope

Prayer can’t be mastered. Prayer always means submission. To pray is to willingly put ourselves in the unguarded, exposed position. There is no climb. There is no control. There is no mastery. There is only humility and hope.

To pray is to risk being naive, to risk believing, to risk playing the fool. To pray is to risk trusting someone who might let you down. To pray is to get our hopes up. And we’ve learned to avoid that.

—Tyler Staton in “Praying Like Monks,
Living Like Fools”

My prayer this week: Father, take me on an adventure this week that begins and ends every single day with prayer. Help me see past the pompous words and practices to a simple, stripped-down, life-changing conversation with you, the Almighty. Let me risk it all and expose it all so that I can experience the incredible gift of prayer: communion with you!