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No Matter What

“I know of nothing that speaks louder for Christ and Christianity than to see a man or woman giving up what they call their rights for others, and ‘in honor preferring one another.’” —D.L. Moody 


 “Don’t overdo it.” We hear this all the time. But Jesus never said it. 

 Instead, He said, “As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34). 

 How did Jesus love me? 

 Well, He sold out to me despite the fact that I’m not sold out to Him. He suffered and died for me despite the fact that I often ignore Him, often contradict Him, often run away from him.  

 In other words, Jesus says to me, “The quality of your response to me is not going to dictate the quality of my love for you.” His love is a no-matter-what kind of love. 

 Which means I must take a deep breath and follow His example. 

 Overdoing it like Jesus means I can throw a party for your birthday, and you can totally miss my birthday, and I won’t be furious or even mope. In fact, I won’t hold it against you when it comes time to buy you a Christmas present. 

 Why not? Simply because … Jesus could have easily forgotten me. He could have hated me for the way I’ve broken His design, as if His death on the cross wasn’t worth very much to me. He could cut me off — He doesn’t have to keep cutting me slack day after day. But He chooses to keep on loving me. 

 You can remember other incidents where you were victimized — and in every one, our own nature is to dish it back the way it was dished to us. But Christ’s love contradicts what feels natural — and responds instead with something supernatural! 


 My prayer this week: God, thank you for loving me so completely. I know I don’t deserve it and couldn’t earn it. This week, help me love those around me in the same “extremist” way.