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I am who I am

You can count on your friends to be a certain way, to have a certain outlook, to perform at a certain level.  

There’s a certain consistency to their character, to their goals, to their way of doing things.  

They’re not always blindsiding you with a radical new “them.” 

In the same way, as you communicate with your donors, be yourself. Be the same person all the time. 

One common scenario in ministry marketing is the bored ministry marketer. 

We grow tired of stating and restating our mission. 
We imagine the donor must be tired of it too. 
So we switch gears — sometimes too radically. 

What we’ve forgotten is that the donor’s life is that raging river, and each impression we make is like throwing in that little pebble: the ripples disappear almost instantly.  

Your message is much fresher to the donor than to you, after you’ve soaked in it day-in and day-out, month after month. 

As ministry marketers, we get our fill.  

“We’ve told our donors already; how can they stand to be told again?”  

Tell them again anyway. 

Your donors are not nearly as full of your message as you are — and not nearly as full of your message as you need them to be! 

What is your ministry about? Tell them again. Then tell them again. 

Beat the drum of your mission statement, and beat it relentlessly. 

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