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How to Duplicate Your Google Ads Campaigns in Bing 

By Vince Mancari, Digital Project Manager 


The Google search engine is your friend … your most popular friend, at that. When designing your ad campaigns, it should be on your “go to” list digital ad campaign placement. 

But there’s value to be found in expanding your digital advertising strategy to include other search engines. Why? 

  • You can extend your reach to new potential donors. 
  • You can connect with more donors who are searching for you. 
  • You can scale UP your marketing efforts quickly! 

The BBS & Associates digital team recommends testing other search engine platforms to find which ones make sense for your organization and donors.  

Most common of the other search engines worth exploring is Microsoft’s Bing. It’s well known and widely used — and maybe of even greater importance for you, it syncs easily with your already established Google Ad campaigns with a few simple clicks. No need to re-build or re-design your ad strategy! 

Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Visit Microsoft Advertising and click on “Import” in the top menu. Then choose “Import from Google Ads.”

  2. You’ll be prompted to sign into your Google account. (If you have multiple Google and/or Microsoft accounts, you can choose the ones you want to work with.)You’ll be assigned an import credential ID (name your import). This import credential ID links your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising user credentials.

    For more info: Google Ads Import — Microsoft Advertising API | Microsoft Learn

  3. Choose which Google Ad Campaigns to sync (and assign a name).

  4. Choose the import schedule and frequency.

  5. Manage your import options — there are default options, but you might want to play around with some of these. Customizing options gives you more control, if you wish. For example: 
    • Set to delete items removed from your Google Ad account. 
    • Change the budget of the ad by percentage. 

More info here: Google Ads Import — Microsoft Advertising API | Microsoft Learn

     6.  Import. 

This, of course, is just the “bare bones” of importing your Google campaigns to Microsoft. You can read a more in-depth article on the ins and outs here. 

Or, you can always reach out to our digital team at BBS & Associates 

Sometimes the digital world feels like a giant puzzle; if you don’t know the terminology (or understand it), it can be hard to navigate. Let us help you make sense of it all … and put it together in a way that produces results for your nonprofit organization.  

P.S. Here’s a great video that describes an important next step: It’s about tracking your results (a MUST when you’re placing ads on one, two, or more search engines!).