Hope Despite Exile

Confidence, assurance, and joy are the treasured possessions we often leave behind when we walk the road into exile. But I also believe the exchange can happen the other way round. Because sometimes resurrection hope is the first thing we discover when we’ve been freed of earthly dreams and distractions. Christians who have their hopes and worldly goods stripped from them in this life seem to have the most to teach us about a lasting hope in the next. They always seem to have the greatest joy, the deepest faith, the most invincible hope. They also seem to be most likely to proclaim that hope to others. 

  Elliot Clark in
“Evangelism as Exiles” 


 My prayer this week: Heavenly Father, I want to experience joy, deep faith, and invincible hope even when I’m walking through times of struggle, pain, and loss. Help me not to forsake the things of you, especially when I need you most. Whether I’m on the “mountaintop” or in the “valley,” please keep my heart and mind unshakeable. Help me always share the hope you’ve given me with others.