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God’s “Simplicity”

Some of us view God’s heart as brittle, easily offended. Some of us view his heart as cold, uneasily moved. The Old Testament gives us a God whose heart defies these innate human expectations of who he is. 

We must tread cautiously here. For God to cease to be, say, just would un-God him just as much as if he were to cease to be good. Theologians speak of God’s simplicity, by which we mean that God is not the sum total of a number of attributes, like pieces of pie making a whole pie; rather, God is every attribute perfectly. God does not have parts. He is just. He is wrathful. He is good. And so on, each in endless perfection. 

Dane Ortlund in
“Gentle and Lowly” 


My prayer this week: Heavenly Father, there are things about you that my human, finite mind cannot comprehend. So I ask for your wisdom to acknowledge and accept that you are God, perfect and complete in every way. You are not the sum total of many attributes, you are instead every attribute perfectly. There is no one like you, and you alone are worthy of my praise, adoration, and obedience.