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Donor Insights for 2022: Answers to the questions you’ve been asking


 By E. Dale Berkey, Ph.D.

President, BBS & Associates


We’ve gratefully turned the corner into a new year … but have we left the challenges behind?

This is just one of the compelling insights you’ll gain from our brand-new, just-released nationwide survey of donors. We wanted to find out what’s motivating your donors to give in 2022 — or what’s holding them back.

The resulting 2022 Donor Confidence Report is available to you free of charge. It’s loaded with valuable findings and key insights — some of them surprising.

For example:

  • As the nation’s donors turn the corner into 2022, uncertainty about the future and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 has followed them into the new year.
  • A majority of donors feel rising costs and inflation, in addition to increasing taxes, are the most significant financial hazards to their giving this year, regardless of demographic segment.
  • Only 21% of donors expect the economy to improve, falling from 28% in December 2020. 43% of donors now expect the economy to decline in the coming year, compared to 29% in December 2020.

There’s plenty more information like this in the full Donor Confidence Report. It offers answers to key questions like:

  1. Which types of donors are most likely to continue giving in 2022?
  2. Who has quit giving — and why?
  3. How will inflation impact your donors’ standard of living and their giving?
  4. How does a donor’s age, income, political affiliation, and faith impact her commitment to continued giving?
  5. Are donors concerned with proposed tax increases?
  6. What is the forecast for donor giving via automatic transfer in 2022?
  7. And more!

We also provide some great tips for how you can better connect with your donors in 2022 as a result of our findings.

Simply click here to receive the full Donor Confidence Report. And thanks for allowing us the privilege of serving the Lord with you.

For additional donor-focused insights like these, please reach out to Jared Matthews via or 330.576.1162.