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Doing Makes the Difference

How we treat, talk about, respond to, and care for one another is the identifying mark of a genuine Jesus follower.  

Not what we believe. 

Nobody knows and nobody is better off because of what we believe. 

Doing makes the difference. Doing changed the world. Love, as Jesus defined it, for one another is our differentiator, which means our love for one another should be noticeable, notable, and distinct. According to Jesus, anyway. The new-covenant brand of love Jesus calls us to is neither easy nor natural. That’s what makes it noticeable, notable, and distinct.   

Andy Stanley in
“Not In It to Win It” 


My prayer this week: Dear Lord, actions speak louder than words! Help me stand out in this world as a follower of Christ. One who loves boldly, serves wholeheartedly, reacts compassionately, and seeks you with reckless abandon. Help me love in a way that is noticeable, notable, and distinct.