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Do the Work of Him that Sent Us

The Judge of all the earth can take care of himself; he is not in any such difficulties that he needs any advice of ours; only presumptuous unbelief ever dares suppose the Lord to be perplexed. It will be much better for us to do the work of him that sent us, than to be judging divine providence, or our fellowmen. It is ours, not to speculate, but to perform acts of mercy and love, according to the tenor of the gospel. Let us then be less inquisitive and more practical, less for cracking doctrinal nuts, and more for bringing forth the bread of life to the starving multitudes.”

—Charles Haddon Spurgeon in
his sermon entitled “The Spur”

My prayer this week: Jesus, help me be less judgmental of others and more about the business of the Gospel. This week, let me follow your example to love without limits, be compassionate in my speech, and show grace in my actions toward others.