Cradle to Cross

But why did Jesus leave heaven’s glory and come down to live amid earth’s filth and corruption? He came for one reason: to save us from our sins.”  Billy Graham 


 As Christmas day approaches, take a moment to reflect on these wonderful aspects of Jesus’ life, as He journeyed from cradle to cross. Thank Him for what this means for you today!  

 His entrance was supernatural.
In awe of the “wonders” of superheroes on movie screens? We serve a real-life superhero. The circumstances of his coming were foretold hundreds of years before. Each came to pass, including being born of a virgin.

 He was perfectly God and perfectly man.
Christ incarnate. God and man. Though He was God, He added humanity without subtracting from His deity and without the ability to sin. Two natures united in one person. Worthy of our praise! 

 He is the standard of absolute righteousness.
When Jesus walked on the earth, He was righteousness personified. He never sinned in thought, word, or deed. He also fulfilled God’s Law perfectly. He lived a life of perfect holiness, perfect kindness, perfect truth, and perfect goodness. By His perfect life, He paid the debt, in full, for our sin-filled lives.

 He did things only God can do.
He made amazing claims and backed them up with powerful deeds. He claimed equality with God and spoke with divine authority: I am the living water; I am the light of the world; I am the way, the truth, and the life 

 He died as a sacrifice for our sins.
Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, three times declared, “I find no fault in him,” and yet, Jesus was sentenced to die. The Bible says He died as the just for the unjust, the innocent for the guilty. He died as our substitute, bearing our sins in His own body. 

 He proved His claims by rising from the dead.
The cross was not the end of the story! He came, He died … He rose again! Today, He sits at the Father’s right hand. His earthly life, death, and resurrection were all part of God’s plan to redeem mankind, to restore us to Him … to ensure our eternity with Him in heaven. 

My prayer this week—Thank you, Lord for coming! For living the perfect life on earth, as God and man. For setting the ultimate example for me to follow. Thank you, Jesus, for dying for my sins and making it possible for me to live in freedom … and, one day, spend an eternity in heaven with you!