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Christ’s Personal Share

Our Lord when he became the servant of servants took his share in the common labours of the elect brotherhood. How this ought to encourage us! It is enough for the general if he stands in the place of observation and directs the battle; we do not usually expect that the commander shall take a personal share in the work of the conflict; but with Jesus it is not so, he fought in the ranks as a common soldier. While as God-man, Mediator, he rules and governs all the economy of grace, yet as partaker of our flesh and blood he once bore the burden and heat of the day. As the great Architect and Master Builder he supervises all; yet there is a portion of his spiritual temple which he condescended to build with his own hands. Jesus Christ has seen actual service, and actually resisted unto blood, amid the dust and turmoil of the strife. … Let this be our encouragement — Jesus Christ has taken a personal share in the evangelization of the world, has taken not only his own part as Head, and Prophet, and High Priest, and Apostle, in which he stands alone, but has taken his part amongst the common builders in the erection of the New Jerusalem, ‘I must work the work of him that sent me.’”

—Charles Haddon Spurgeon in
his sermon entitled “The Spur”

My prayer this week: Thank you, Lord, for not only sharing in my sufferings — for experiencing the “dust and turmoil” of this life, as I have — but for personally partaking in the Great Commission, witnessing in word and deed, and shedding your blood to build the Kingdom! What a beautiful Savior!