Christ’s Humanity

One of the doctrines in the area of Christology that is difficult for some Christians to fully grasp is the permanent humanity of Christ. The impression often seems to be that the Son of God came down from heaven in incarnate form, spent three decades or so as a human, and then returned to heaven to revert back to his preincarnate state. 

But this is Christological error, if not outright heresy. The Son of God clothed himself with humanity and will never unclothe himself. He became a man and always will be. This is the significance of the doctrine of Christ’s ascension: he went into heaven with the very body, reflecting his full humanity, that was raised out of the tomb. He is and always has been divine as well, of course. But his humanity, once taken on, will never end. In Christ, the Heidelberg Catechism says, ‘we have our own flesh in heaven’ (Q. 49). 

  Dane Ortlund in
“Gentle and Lowly” 


My prayer this week: Thank you, Lord, for Jesus — fully God and fully man. From the time He was sent to earth, for all eternity, He remains “our own flesh in heaven.” What a beautiful Savior! We are promised His intercession on our behalf. When I don’t know what words to say, He speaks for me, because He knows. He sees. And He cares.