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Choose Grace Over Shame

“Shame and blame never keep us in line — [they keep] us in shackles. Shame drowns us in condemnation — grace grows us in conviction. Shame exiles us out of community — grace heals us in community. Shame drives us in the wrong direction, into the arms of depression, addiction, regression — grace rightly drives us in the direction of Him.

Letting go of shame lets grace cover us and carry us tenderly out of the wilderness.”

—Ann Voskamp

My prayer this week: Lord, you know my heart. You know my failures. You’ve seen my weaknesses. And yet, you love me despite me. You offer me your never-failing grace. You tell me to trust. You invite me to the table. Dear God, help me let go of all shame and accept the goodness you so freely give. Forgive me for turning you away. Wrap me in your love.