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Donor Confidence Report — 2022

As the nation’s donors have turned the corner into 2022, uncertainty about the future, rising inflation, and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 have followed them.

For nonprofits, these challenges raise a lot of questions about donor confidence and outlooks on giving in 2022. As ministries, and their donors, are feeling the impacts of economic uncertainty, we’re asking important questions about what’s to come.

Download our 2022 Donor Confidence Report today to gain the most recent insights for how donors plan to give — and why — in the year ahead.

In this study, you’ll hear directly from donors with answers to questions like:

  • Which types of donors are likely to continue giving in 2022?
  • How will inflation impact donors’ standard of living and their giving?
  • What impact would proposed tax increases have on donors?
  • And more!

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