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A Lesson in Humility

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Rick Warren 

 You’ve been there. We all have. 

 It is a cold, drizzly day. All you need is to quickly return a pair of pants at the mall. Unfortunately, it seems like everybody else in the world had the same idea as you. There is simply no place to park!  

 Finally, exasperated, you see a car right in the front pull out — the perfect spot. You do a little dance in your car and step on the gas. Just as you are turning on your blinker, a driver coming from the opposite direction zooms ahead of you and takes your space!  

 It’s not a pretty scene, is it? Hands in the air … maybe a yell. For many, this scenario would literally ruin the rest of the day. 

 The truth is, scripture says, we are born sinners in need of salvation. And our world? Well, it just feeds into our desire for self. Now, more than ever, the message is Look Out For #1. Your greatest job is to take care of yourself. You are your own master. Such a mentality is endlessly poured into our minds and hearts!  

 But, if you are trying to live with Jesus Christ as your guide and example, what is the biblical answer? Thankfully, the Bible is very clear on the subject. Read Philippians 2:1-11 … you must replace your humanity with HUMILITY!  

 To take on Christ’s humility, here are four scriptural steps to take daily (especially before you head out to the mall in the rain):

  1. Consider others better than yourself (Phil. 2:3).  
  2. Be unconcerned about your personal position (Phil. 2:6). 
  3. Make yourself a servant (Phil. 2:7). 
  4. Obey even when it is inconvenient (Phil. 2:8). 

My prayer this week—Father, I am sorry for failing to live with humility! Help me love others as you do. Help me recognize all the worldly thoughts that have taken up space in my mind and heart … and weed them out! I want to be your humble servant, to share you by promoting others over myself.