Ministry Fundraising Services

Fundraising Campaign Development

We serve ministries by developing effective fundraising campaigns with optimized messaging that demonstrates ministry impact, extends opportunities for constituent involvement, and deepens relationships.

Direct Mail Strategies

We help ministries optimize strategy, messaging, packaging, delivery, timing, and segmentation for effective and efficient direct mail fundraising.

Digital Strategies

We serve ministries by leveraging technology to effectively communicate with current and potential constituents. BBS provides ministries with comprehensive digital strategy, email marketing, website and landing page design and development, user experience testing and optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, digital media advertising, and more.

Multiple Media Integration

Effective fundraising campaigns utilize several mediums for consistent, timely messaging and interaction. We serve by effectively organizing, planning, and managing fundraising and ministry messaging across multiple mediums.

Inbound / Outbound Telemarketing

It is important to understand the impact of deepened constituent relationships via telephone. BBS helps ministries use this often-misused medium with propriety and integrity, generally in tandem with consistent messaging elsewhere, to promote opportunities for giving and ministry involvement.

Television and Radio Spots

Television and radio continue to be very effective mediums for extended ministry growth. BBS helps ministries understand how these mediums impact current and potential constituent relationships, and we serve together to use these opportunities for ministry, messaging, and fundraising.


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