Why are testimonies important?

Here is a point to ponder: regardless of the marketer’s motives of the heart, the donor does not want or need to know the details of the ministry’s operation.

How the ministry happens is not nearly as important to her as what the ministry accomplishes. You must paint the picture of results in her mind. Testimonies sometimes nicely bridge the gap between what the ministry needs the money for and what the donor will sit still to learn about.

“We’ve got to book the hall now in order to prepare for the crusade.” I don’t care. Tell me about Lorraine, who was strung out on drugs but somehow came to Christ through the last crusade you staged.

“We need new computers in order to process ministry correspondence and donations more efficiently.” I don’t care. Tell me about Patrick, to whom God gave a whole new life through our ministry, because someone like me gave generously!