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Undeserving Recipients of Grace

“We must help people understand the nature of Christian identity, which does not depend on human distinctions. When people realize that they are accepted as significant and useful to the kingdom not because of any merit of their own but only because of the mercy of God, they also realize that they cannot look down on anyone. In what is most important to them, they are undeserving recipients of glorious gifts. Prejudice, then, is an expression of insecurity and feelings of inferiority. If we do not feel secure and accepted in Christ, we need earthly things to make us feel important. One of those earthly things is the idea that we are superior to others. To one who has truly understood grace, such a position is an impossibility.”  

—Ajith Fernando in
“Acts: The NIV Application Commentary” 



My prayer this week: God, I thank you that I am significant and useful to the Kingdom, not because of anything I have done but because of your mercy. Please remove prejudice and any feelings of superiority over others. Help me live with love — as a recognition and acknowledgment of your grace — and help me share this message freely with others.