Ministry Fundraising Services

Our wide array of services — executed with passion and excellence — will help you meet your fundraising goals.

Fundraising Campaign Development:

We’ll tell your story effectively, driving response with optimized messaging that clearly demonstrates your impact and inspires donors to partner with you.

Multiple Media Integration:

How do you manage your message across multiple fundraising channels? We’ll help you organize and plan for effective communications that work in perfect harmony.

Digital Strategies:

In a world that’s gone digital, we’ll leverage technology to help you effectively communicate with current and potential donors where they’re at: visiting your website, scanning your emails, searching for you online, scrolling social media feeds, downloading your app, and elsewhere.

Direct Mail Strategies:

Old school? Maybe. But mail still produces the vast majority of charitable income. We’ll help you get this fundraising artform down to a science — from strategy to delivery and everything in between.

Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing:

We’ll help you connect with donors over the phone the right way — with excellence, integrity, and messaging consistency — to inspire generosity and deeper involvement.

Television and Radio Spots:

Broadcast media offers a high-impact platform to take your ministry’s story to the masses, and we’ll help you do so with gusto — reinforcing donor relationships and reaching new prospects.