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Ministry Fundraising Services

Our wide array of services — executed with passion and excellence — will help you meet your fundraising goals.

Fundraising Campaign Development:

We’ll tell your story effectively, driving response with optimized messaging that clearly demonstrates your impact and inspires donors to partner with you.

Multiple Media Integration:

How do you manage your message across multiple fundraising channels? We’ll help you organize and plan for effective communications that work in perfect harmony.

Digital Strategies:

In a world that’s gone digital, we’ll leverage technology to help you effectively communicate with current and potential donors where they’re at: visiting your website, scanning your emails, searching for you online, scrolling social media feeds, downloading your app, and elsewhere.

Direct Mail Strategies:

Old school? Maybe. But mail still produces the vast majority of charitable income. We’ll help you get this fundraising artform down to a science — from strategy to delivery and everything in between.

Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing:

We’ll help you connect with donors over the phone the right way — with excellence, integrity, and messaging consistency — to inspire generosity and deeper involvement.

Television and Radio Spots:

Broadcast media offers a high-impact platform to take your ministry’s story to the masses, and we’ll help you do so with gusto — reinforcing donor relationships and reaching new prospects.


New Donor Acquisition:

Successfully and consistently bringing in new donors who will catch the vision and join the team could not be more crucial to your ministry’s long-term success. And we’ve developed proven-effective strategies to get it done — with years of experience generating new donors in direct mail, email, social media events, and more!

Lapsed Donor Reactivation:

Maybe they haven’t engaged in a while, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care! In fact, the cost of reactivating a lapsed donor is often far less than bringing on a new one to fill the void. We’ll help you develop campaigns and strategies to turn your lapsed donors into some of your most faithful supporters.

Premium Development:

Who doesn’t love getting a thank-you gift? Premiums can be a powerful way to inspire new names to give for the first time — and to encourage your existing donors to give again, too. Let us use our decades of experience developing premiums to help you come up with unique, meaningful ways to say “thanks” that your donors and prospects will love.

Texting Programs:

With people on their phones 24/7, texting has become an increasingly powerful (and surprisingly personal) way to connect with donors. In fact, text messages have a higher open rate than any other channel! We’ll help you create successful texting campaigns from start to finish to enhance relationships with your donors and improve your fundraising strategy.