Donor Research and Benchmarking

—The Missing Keys—
  • What do multi-year donors care most about?
  • How can you re-engage lapsed donors with your ministry?
  • How will the economy (and other factors) impact your donors’ generosity?
  • What can you do to make sure your donors stick with you long-term?

We answered these strategically important questions through our Missing Keys study by isolating and identifying the controllable factors that cause donors to continue — or stop — giving.

By coming alongside almost a dozen ministries, we’ve been able to identify:

1. What you can do to retain donors who give two or more times,

2. What giving barriers are within your control, and

3. What you can do about the barriers outside your control.

We’d love to talk to you more about what we have discovered. Contact us today.

Our research and testing results will equip you to break through the noise and effectively engage prospects and donors with your ministry’s story. Along with ministry development partner Campbell Rinker, we conduct valuable research to identify ministry trends.

—The “Second Gift” Study—

You may have encountered this phenomenon:

Some donors give once a year ... while others partner with your ministry multiple times.

What makes the difference? And how can you inspire more donors to give that second gift?

These are the questions our commissioned study — in which we interviewed 2,593 different donors from eight different ministries — will help your ministry answer. Contact us today.


—The Disappearing Donor—

When ministry partners stop giving, it can be painful ... and confusing.

So we set out to discover why donors lapse — conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews, and a phone survey — and came away with several critical discoveries that will empower you to communicate with your donors more effectively and keep them engaged long-term:

  1. Three types of lapsed donors — “Idles,” “Intentionals,” and “In-betweeners” — and the specific traits, attitudes, and motivations of each.
  2. Qualities donors universally consider important in a ministry.
  3. The main reasons a donor may lapse in their giving.
  4. How to increase a donor’s likelihood of renewing their support.

We’d love to tell you more about what we’ve discovered — contact us today.