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Not a Formula

God is “a God who responds. Who is open to our ideas, dynamic—involved in our lives, but not ‘in control’ in the automated, what’s-going-to-happen-is-going-to-happen-with-or-without-me kind of way. 

God is more of a friend than a formula. 

Most of religion—including a lot of popular ‘Christian’ religion—is about deciphering the formula to get the life we want from God. 

Usually the formula looks something like this: 

Morality + religious stuff – sin = God’s blessing. … 

As if God was an algorithm for a computer software program that we just have to plug the right numbers into and—boom!—out comes our dream life. 

But God doesn’t work this way. If you treat God like a formula, you’ll just end up mad and confused. With God, the math rarely adds up. God is far more interactive and interesting … There’s a relational back-and-forth that few of us have actually come to grips with.” 

  John Mark Comer in
“God has a name” 


My prayer this week: Dear Heavenly Father, help me build a beautiful relationship with you! It’s not about the “do’s” and “don’ts” — it certainly isn’t a formula! You are a God of love and compassion, grace and mercy. As I seek you more, I’ll love you more. Help me get there, with you as my guide.