Keeping the Sabbath

There are all sorts of debate and controversy about whether we still have to keep the Sabbath as followers of Jesus. I’m in a minority that thinks we do. It’s one of the Ten Commandments, after all, and Jesus did absolutely nothing to annul it. Yes, the early church moved it to Sunday, but up until the 1950s, Sunday was ‘the Lord’s day,’ and that meant a lot more than church for two hours; it meant an entire day of rest. But honestly? I wouldn’t really care if I don’t have to keep the Sabbath anymore. I want to keep the Sabbath. Even if the Sabbath is no longer a binding command, it’s still the grain of the universe. It’s a gift — and one I want to open and enjoy. 

  John Mark Comer in
“The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” 


My prayer this week: Thank you, Lord, for moments to rest. You gave us a Sabbath as a gift — time to pray, reflect, and regather our thoughts amid the noise and busyness of this world. God, help me honor your Sabbath and acknowledge your goodness by taking the opportunity to rest in you.