“Our lives are lived well only when they are lived on the terms of their creation, with God loving and us being loved, with God making and us being made, with God revealing and us understanding, with God commanding and us responding. Being a Christian means accepting the terms of creation, accepting God as our maker and redeemer, and growing day by day into an increasingly glorious creature in Christ, developing joy, experiencing love, maturing in peace. By the grace of Christ we experience the marvel of being made in the image of God. If we reject this way, the only alternative is to attempt the hopelessly fourth-rate, embarrassingly awkward imitation of God made in the image of men and women like us.” 

  Eugene Peterson in
“A Long Obedience in the Same Direction” 


 My prayer this week: Lord God, create in me an increasingly humble heart. Continue to mold me into the image of your Son — I want to be more and more like Him with each passing day. Help me respond as you command and love as you love. Thank you for helping me walk in the Way everlasting.