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God wants to make us, not just mend us

“In his poem ‘Giddinesse,’ [George] Herbert laments the fragmented, fickle nature of man’s heart—his heart. 

Oh what a thing is man! how farre from power, 

From setled peace and rest! 

He is some twentie sev’rall men at least 

Each sev’rall houre. 

What is the remedy? Not just one act of new creation at the beginning of our life with Christ, but rather God’s daily sovereign work as Creator to make us, not just mend us.” 

John Piper in
“Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully” 


My prayer this week: Lord, on my own I am weak and frail. But with you, I can do all things. Help me seek you daily, allowing you to renew my heart and mind, strengthen my character, and whittle away the rough edges of my life so I can become wholly yours, standing firm in the righteousness Jesus offers.