Fundraising: A Form of Ministry

From the perspective of the gospel, fundraising is not a response to a crisis. Fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission. Vision and mission are so central to the life of God’s people that without vision we perish and without mission we lose our way … 

Fundraising is proclaiming what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission. 

  Henri J.M. Nouwen in
“A Spirituality of Fundraising” 


 My prayer this week: Heavenly Father, thank you for the ministry of fundraising. Help us take every opportunity given to proclaim what we believe and share our vision in such a way that invites others to not only participate, but to be blessed in the process.