Don’t live in a “bubble”!

David Kramer, in his bestseller What It Takes, observed the bubble into which the President and Vice President of the United States are sealed as soon as they take office — a bubble full of unique comforts, unique pressures, and unique side-effects — and a bubble in which they are trapped until they leave office.


Living in the bubble, it is virtually impossible for them to get in touch with the way real people live (remember the first George Bush being blown away by the marvels of optical scanners in grocery store checkout lines?).

Ministry leaders typically become consumed by their work. Outside of the ministry, they don’t have a life. No “civilian” friends outside the ministry. Maybe no non-Christian friends at all. They lose touch with how regular everyday people think, feel, hurt — and how their affections are swayed.

So they trust their own instincts (sometimes hanging their opinions on God’s influence, although it’s probably dirty pool to blame Him) — or they trust Mom’s. They feel they are leading a ministry, but in fact they are flying blind. Circumstances are guiding them, not the other way around.