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Donor Insights for 2022:

Answers to the questions you’ve been asking 

 By E. Dale Berkey, Ph.D. 

President, BBS & Associates 

 These are challenging days.  

 A stalled economy as inflation soars — combined with the residual impact of the global pandemic — makes it difficult to know where our nation’s donors stand … and if they will continue to support the charities they love.   

 This is just one of the compelling insights you’ll gain from our brand-new, just-released nationwide survey of donors. We set out to find what’s motivating your donors to give now — and what’s holding them back. 

 The resulting Donor Confidence Report is available to you free of charge.  

 It’s loaded with valuable findings and key insights — some of them you may find surprising. For example: 

  • Only 1 out of 7 donors expects the economy to improve (down 33% since January). 
  • 65% of donors expect inflation to negatively impact their standard of living. 
  • 57% say increases in food and gas prices will have a negative impact on their giving. 
  • Since January, the number of donors giving to a new charity in the past year has dropped from 29% to 18%. 

There’s plenty more information like this in the full Donor Confidence Report. It also offers answers to key questions like: 

  1. Which types of donors are likeliest to continue giving in the final months of 2022? 
  2. How are donors thinking about the economy — and how is it affecting their giving strategies? 
  3. How does a donor’s age, income, political affiliation, and/or faith impact her commitment to continued giving? 
  4. What factors may negatively impact giving as we head into year’s end? 
  5. And more. 

We also provide some great tips for how you can better connect with your donors in the final months of 2022, and beyond. 

Simply click here to receive the full Donor Confidence Report. And thanks for allowing us the privilege of serving the Lord with you. 

For additional donor-focused insights like these, please reach out to Jared Matthews via or 330.576.1162.