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Christ’s Tender Heart

When we sin, we are encouraged to bring our mess to Jesus because he will know just how to receive us. He doesn’t handle us roughly. He doesn’t scowl and scold. He doesn’t lash out, the way many of our parents did. And all this restraint on his part is not because he has a diluted view of our sinfulness. He knows our sinfulness far more deeply than we do. … His restraint simply flows from his tender heart for his people. Hebrews [5:2] is not just telling us that instead of scolding us, Jesus loves us. It’s telling us the kind of love he has: rather than dispensing grace to us from on high, he gets down with us, he puts his arm around us, he deals with us in the way that is just what we need. He deals gently with us. 

  Dane Ortlund in
“Gentle and Lowly” 


My prayer this week: God, you know my sinful heart, and you love me regardless. You see my failings and gently guide me to truth. You sent your Son so that I might receive forgiveness and restored communion with you. And you bend low to mend my brokenness instead of casting me out. Thank you. I praise you for your gentleness, for your kindness in correction, for your grace.