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Christ’s Teachings: Good and True

Jesus was the most intelligent teacher to ever live. His teachings aren’t just right in some arbitrary moral sense — they are good. That’s what morality is — the good and true way to live. 

It’s a gross mistake to think of Jesus’ teachings as some kind of socially conditioned, arbitrary law like the speed limit … 

In reality Jesus’ moral teachings aren’t arbitrary at all. They are laws, yes. But moral laws are no different from scientific laws like E = mc2 or gravity. They are statements about how the world actually works. And if you ignore them, not only do you rupture relationship with God, but you also go against the grain of the universe he created. 

  John Mark Comer in
“The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” 


 My prayer this week: Lord, you are good. Your ways are right, pure, and true. You do not shift like sand with the changing tides. You remain unchanged yesterday, today, and forever. Help me love your laws. Help me follow diligently in your ways so that I only grow closer to you and shine your light in this dark world.