Be Not Dismayed

“The lesson of wisdom is, be not dismayed by soul-trouble. Count it no strange thing, but a part of ordinary ministerial experience. Should the power of depression be more than ordinary, think not that all is over with your usefulness. Cast not away your confidence, for it hath great recompense of reward. Even if the enemy’s foot be on your neck, expect to rise and overthrow him. Cast the burden of the present, along with the sin of the past and the fear of the future, upon the Lord, who forsaketh not his saints. Live by the day—aye, by the hour. Put not trust in frames and feelings. Care more for a grain of faith than a ton of excitement. Trust in God alone…” 

Charles Haddon Spurgeon in
“Lessons to My Students” 



My prayer this week: Lord, help me trust you when the days are long, when my soul is weary. Help me lean in when sadness overwhelms or when troubles bear down. Help me live in great expectation of your goodness and power to see me through my darkest moments. And help me cast my cares on you each and every day.