A Kingdom Not Of but For This World

As Ed Stetzer asserts, ‘You can’t hate people and engage them with the gospel at the same time. You can’t war with people and show the love of Jesus. You can’t be both outraged and on mission.’ 

Jesus didn’t come to help any particular group succeed with their thing. He came to establish his own thing. His assembly. His ekklesia. His kingdom—a kingdom not of this world but very much for this world. A kingdom fueled by an others-first ethic that stood in sharp contrast to the winner-take-all, win-at-all-costs ethic that fuels the kingdoms of this world. 

  Andy Stanley in
“Not In It to Win It” 


My prayer this week: Dear Lord, help me love my neighbor as myself. This is your command, and your design for mankind. How can I claim to love your Word and desire to spread the Good News if I am not willing to look past myself to reach others? Give me your heart of love … give me your hands to serve. Thank you for the example you have set in the love and life of Jesus!