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Innovation. Authenticity. Yes, both at once.

We'll learn about you — who you are, what drives you every day. Then we’ll work with you, mapping out ways to increase your ministry’s impact ... to give donors even more of a reason to join with you in God’s work.

We’d love to discuss how we might help and serve you.

Flagship campaign for mid-level donors — started with a creative packaging idea

Created a custom puzzle to stand out in the mail, and the minds, of high-level donors

Christmas outreach to active and lapsed donors produced a 7.17 return on investment

Beautiful gift book spoke volumes to major donors at 16th Anniversary Celebration

Developed and delivered simple Hurricane Harvey and Irma updates for donors in just 3-4 days and saw amazing response rates

Who We Serve

We have the honor of collaborating with outstanding Christian organizations doing awesome ministry work.

Latest Resources

3 Keys to Powerful Ministry Storytelling

It’s the single greatest tool at your ministry’s disposal... How well is your ministry using it?

Let us help you put the power of a great story to use for your ministry — and see results!

Our resource, 3 Keys to Powerful Ministry Storytelling, will help you:

  1. Identify the components of a compelling testimony
  2. Understand the importance of storytelling for your unique ministry
  3. Communicate the value, impact, and success of your ministry through authentic stories
  4. Get results by making a powerful connection with your donors

It’s our pleasure to share this valuable resource with you today.

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Hard Work and a Servant’s Heart

We strive for the heart of a servant. For more than three decades, we’ve worked closely with great ministries to raise funds through multiple channels.

We’re called alongside you, as experienced guides, deploying proven-effective processes and tools, as well as enlightening research and test results.

Yes, we’re professionals, but we’re not stuffy. Pragmatic, but innovative.

Most of all, we’re committed to fulfilling your God-given mission. Which is our God-given mission.

If we can help you, we’d be honored.

Let us become part of your ministry team

We serve alongside your staff, helping you integrate all the streams of your donor communications.

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